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3 Sisters story began four years ago upon our arrival to Australia from Iran.


Our names are Mojgan, Marjan and Ava. We are from Tehran, Iran where our love for hair and beauty began in a salon that was owned by our parents. Our mum was a hairdresser and our inspiration.

Marjan was the first one to follow in mum’s footsteps, then Mojgan and Ava. We had a fantastic team of people and the business was booming. We loved being able to follow our passion and do what we were born to do.

Unfortunately as life happens, we were forced to leave Iran. But the dream of being able to do what we love so much always stayed with us and we knew that one day we would have our own salon again.

We worked and studied hard in Australia for four years to complete our qualifications. We kept reminding ourselves of the saying “hard work pays off” because in the end it did for us. It took us a lot of strength and support from our networks, but we did it.

3 Sis Hair & Beauty opened its doors in September 2017 and now the three of us get to work together in a beautiful and friendly environment where we only have one goal, and that is to give our client an unforgettable experience.

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